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Model: GLC2-3.5
Min. Order: 1 Piece/Pieces
Trade Term: FOB
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity: 1~1000Piece/Month
Packing: Standard Export Delivery Date: 1~20working days
Category: Heat Exchanger Certification: Others
Brand Name: AUDELY model no: GLC3-6

Product name:Coolers and Heat Exchangers
Model no.:       GLC2-1.3,  
material:         finned copper tube
( 2 Series: there is 20pcs finned copper tubes inner. the thicknesss of tube: 0.8mm)

Using:               Hydraulic System, you can use water oil cooler to cool the hydraulic medium( like hydraulic oil). this item, simple struction, easy to use, good result.

GLC series Calandria Water Oil Cooler

Product Introduction:
calandria oil cooler: used for cooler the medium (viscosity lubricator, hydraulic oil) for certain temperature

Model Code:

ModelHeat exchange area(Square meter)Pressure(MPa)Temperature(℃)Medium viscosity 10-6M2/SMedium viscosity (L/min)Oil/water flow scaleHeat exchange (Kcal/h)weight(kg)
Working pressureOil pressure dropWater pressureWorking water temperatureWorking oil temperatureInlet oil temperatureOutlet oil temperature
GLC1-           1≤0.1≤0.0525-30≤10055≤4610-5010-351:11300-330010
GLC3-440.63           1≤0.1≤0.0525-30≤10055≤4610-5034-1701:114000-3100057
GLC4-13130.63         1≤0.1≤0.0525-30≤10055≤4610-5050-3001:135000-70000152
GLC5-30300.63            1              1.6≤0.1≤0.0525-30≤10055≤4610-50150-6501:18-15255
GLC6-55550.63         1                  1.6≤0.1≤0.0525-30≤10055≤4610-50350-11501:115-35418

An oil-water cooler is a device used to cool down oil that is being used in various industrial applications. It is commonly used in hydraulic systems, gearboxes, engines, and other machinery that generate heat during operation.

The cooler works by passing the hot oil through a series of tubes or plates, while cool water is circulated around these tubes or plates. This allows for the transfer of heat from the oil to the water, effectively cooling down the oil.

The main components of an oil-water cooler include:

  • Oil circuit: This is the path through which the hot oil flows. It typically consists of inlet and outlet connections, as well as internal passages or tubes that facilitate the flow of oil.

  • Water circuit: This is the path through which the cool water circulates. It includes inlet and outlet connections, as well as internal passages or tubes that allow the water to flow around the oil-carrying tubes or plates.

  • Heat exchange surface: This refers to the tubes or plates where the heat transfer occurs. These surfaces are designed to maximize the contact area between the hot oil and the cool water, enhancing the heat transfer efficiency.

  • Cooling medium: In the case of an oil-water cooler, the cooling medium is water. The water can be sourced from a cooling tower, chiller, or other water supply systems.

  • Control mechanisms: Some oil-water coolers may have control mechanisms to regulate the flow rate of both the oil and water, ensuring optimal cooling performance.

  • The benefits of using an oil-water cooler include:

  • Improved efficiency: By cooling down the oil, an oil-water cooler helps maintain the optimal operating temperature of the machinery, which can improve overall efficiency and performance.

  • Extended equipment life: Cooling the oil helps prevent overheating and reduces the risk of damage to the machinery, leading to longer equipment life and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Temperature control: An oil-water cooler allows for precise temperature control of the oil, ensuring that it remains within the desired operating range.

  • Environmental benefits: Cooling the oil can help reduce energy consumption and minimize the environmental impact associated with excessive heat generation.

  • Overall, an oil-water cooler is an essential component in many industrial applications, providing efficient cooling and temperature control for the oil used in various machinery and systems.

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Hydraulic brass water oil cooler

Hydraulic brass water oil cooler

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Hydraulic colling system water oil cooler

GLC series Calandria Water Oil Cooler (Germany Standard)

GLC series Calandria Water Oil Cooler (Germany Standard)

Hydraulic water oil cooler suppliers

Hydraulic water oil cooler suppliers

Heat Exchanger training water oil cooler

Heat Exchanger training water oil cooler

GLC series Calandria Water Oil Cooler

GLC series Calandria Water Oil Cooler

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Calandria water oil cooler manufacturer


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